Broadcast & Movie Production

At Broadcast & Video Production Camera & Equipment Rentals!

Video Buddies is providing the best equipments and services for our customers. And Knows the customers satisfaction for flexiblity and reduce the risk in circumstances of their works Such as Sports, Events, Marriages, Media, Web series, Advertisments, Documentaries, TV Serials, More.

Video Buddies, based in Daybrook, Nottingham, Uk, offers camera & equipment rentals, like highly professional Dslr & Video Cameras, Lenses, Tripods, Video Switchers, Gimbals, Wirless Video Transmitters & Receivers, More.

No matter what you want to shoot, right from marriages, events, sports, short films, Video Buddies Video Equipment rental services are the best in Daybrook, Nottingham, Uk. Our camera and lens rentals are a boon for aspiring photographers. Places like Daybrook, where a large number of marriages are taking place, demand camera & video equipment rentals. If you are looking for any kind of video camera or lens rentals, we are just a call away.

Video Buddies is all set to change the face of camera rentals in Kerala. With new equipment added every now and then, Video Buddies is your one-stop broadcast & video production camera & equipments rental partner in Daybrook, Nottingham, Uk.

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